We are a dedicated real estate investment company in The Netherlands. Together with our partners we create sustainable value propositions. Most projects in which we invest or for which we develop contribute to the well-being of people.

And thus, in society.

This is who we are

We are not a real estate development company. We do however create sustainable real estate business concepts that make a difference. Concepts that stand out and matter. To us, to you and to society in general. We truly believe in the concept of adding value. Which we do. With our expertise, knowledge and experience, but also with yours. Where necessary we extend our team with external professionals like a (delegated) developer, financier, manager or a technical, finance or tax advisor. Everything we need to fulfill (y)our goals.

We develop and transform buildings and its surroundings into circular, green and sustainable buildings. An initial but sensible investment that pays off in the long term. A calculated risk-return assessment that helps to reinforce the environment and therefore our planet.

We have a clear preference for projects that come ‘with a good feeling’. Simply because we love to contribute in a social sense. We are well aware of all risks, ins and outs of any dossier and every building. Where we are willing to take some extra risk, we are never blinded. Apart from a thorough analysis and assessment of risks, we will also search for – and find – the right operator(s) and tenant(s) who share (y)our believes, creating longterm well-performing projects.

Investors who know us, often involve us from the moment of a rumour in the market of a project. Apart from expertise, trust is an incredibly important condition for success.

Together we make a difference and add value in the broadest sense of the word to social relevance. Get to know us and call us for an informal meeting.

If we say we are involved in a project from the very first initiation, we mean from the research phase, to the agreement of intent, contracts and due diligence, legal financial settlements, technical construction expertise. If necessary, we provide additional financing and the actual purchase itself. We are always there. Never leaving your side.

We dare to go deeper. Together with owners, tenants and operators we explore new horizons. Creating solid perspectives, developing future proof business models and securing return on investments. We add value that is experienced by everyone as true added value. This is our common goal and reason of existence.

Our organization model is designed in such way that we are incredibly flexible, but more important is that we are fast. Speed can be essential to get what we want and to realize what we have in mind. Changing gears at an unprecedented speed, ensures that decisions don’t get stuck on administrative or official levels.

Your values, our inspiration

Since our organization is small and compact, we’re personally involved in all our projects. In partnership with Berkley Investments and other best in class projectpartners out our powerful network, we are represented in all our projects. We immerse ourselves because we want to know what drives people professionally and preferably also personally. We need to learn from them and discover what they need in order to make them perform better and grow.

We understand the business of people who stay, reside, care for or manage our projects. We know what we are going to build on, what is necessary in terms of content and how we are going to achieve ‘the dot’ they have put on the horizon. Even if that means that things need to be turned around and change. What also can be caused by external factors such as social support or new developments in the market by competitors.

For that reason, a personal direct relationship with healthcare operators is for example very important to us.

Rosewood Group is a real estate investment company that strives to create and provide sustainable value propositions for it’s partners. The firm is held by a closed group of private investors with backgrounds in the finance and real estate sectors, who cooperate closely with a selected number of financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds and UHNWI’s.


Rob Vosters