Rosewood Group’s primary areas of focus encompass deal origination, transaction structuring, equity investing, and providing capital asset and fund management services. These segments epitomize Rosewood Group’s robust partnership culture, unwavering commitment to consistent performance, and uncompromising integrity.

We act in the following real estate market segments:



Mixed use



De Beyart

The De Beyart monastery complex, on the edge of Maastricht's city center, has been an important, spatially functional building block in the city over the more than five centuries of its existence. The complex's rich history shows that, despite the many changes De Beyart has undergone, it has remained a tranquil place that has become part of the city's DNA.

Almost four decades later, the question again arises as to how De Beyart should adapt spatially and functionally to face a sustainable future, recognizing the changing needs of living and care. This question will be answered thoroughly, with an emphasis on integration, continuity and high quality.

Craibosch Senior Living

The departure of Tergooi MC will free up a great location to finally give substance to the long-cherished desire to develop a residential care landscape for Blaricum and the Gooi & Vecht region. As of July 1, 2023, plan preparation for the site and the buildings located thereon has begun.

Based on the urgent demand, but also the social responsibility, in the intervening period, where possible, temporary accommodation will be provided to socially relevant institutions and companies. The healthcare partners Tergooi MC, RAV (Regional Ambulance Transport) and Vivium Zorggroep will temporarily rent parts of the site for their activities.


Rosewood has acquired part of the Rijnstate Hospital in Zevenaar through a sale-and-lease-back agreement. During the remaining lease period, the planning of the redevelopment will be made.

For example, it will become a primary care hotel with 58 units. Rosewood will also construct a new building with 48 care apartments and 30 psycho-geriatric homes in the hospital's parking lot.

Health care

For one of her partners Rosewood acquired an immense portfolio of 726 health care units at care complexes and 259 senior-living. The assets are situated at six different locations in the province Groningen.

Rosewood is currently providing project management for the necessary revitalization of the homes and care complexes. Due to the demographics, the demand for senior-living and health-care units is already high and still increasing, whereby the supply cannot keep pace.

Nursing Care Homes

As a result of the increasing ageing population, the demand for care homes will increase sharply in The Netherlands in the coming decades. A sharp increase in demand for care homes is also predicted for Bergeijk. The asset is located in Bergeijk, at the Kennedylaan 8. The medical center “Daalakker” is located in the same street and is reached within walking distance. The center of Bergeijk is reached within 10 minutes walking distance.

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