About Bergeijk

As a result of the increasing ageing population, the demand for care homes will increase sharply in The Netherlands in the coming decades. A sharp increase in demand for care homes is also predicted for Bergeijk. The asset is located in Bergeijk, at the Kennedylaan 8. The medical center “Daalakker” is located in the same street and is reached within walking distance. The center of Bergeijk is reached within 10 minutes walking distance.


The plot on which the asset is located is characterized by the presence of plenty of space and greenery. The building has a modern look with lots of glass. Due to the large amount of daylight, the existing spaces have a light and spacious appearance.

"Bergeijk offers a modern, light-filled environment amidst green spaces, providing comfortable care homes for the increasing ageing population"

Eugen Kool


What sets Bergeijk apart is its unique setting on a spacious plot characterized by abundant greenery. The modern architectural design of the building, featuring extensive use of glass, not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also maximizes natural light within the interior spaces. This emphasis on daylight creates an ambiance of openness and airiness, contributing to a comfortable and welcoming environment for residents.

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