For one of her partners Rosewood acquired an immense portfolio of 726 health care units at care complexes and 259 senior-living. The assets are situated at six different locations in the province Groningen.

Rosewood is currently providing project management for the necessary revitalization of the homes and care complexes. Due to the demographics, the demand for senior-living and health-care units is already high and still increasing, whereby the supply cannot keep pace.

"Rosewood is dedicated to revitalizing healthcare and senior-living properties to meet increasing demand in Groningen."

Eugen Kool

Our approach

Rosewood’s care homes have emerged as a solution to the growing demand for senior housing and care complexes due to demographic changes. This surge in demand, which has been challenging for many providers to keep up with, has found a reliable answer in Rosewood’s well-managed care homes. Rosewood ensures high-quality care for seniors, making their care homes a vital part of addressing this pressing challenge.

Vorig project

Volgend project