About De Beyart

The De Beyart monastery complex, on the edge of Maastricht’s city center, has been an important, spatially functional building block in the city over the more than five centuries of its existence. The complex’s rich history shows that, despite the many changes De Beyart has undergone, it has remained a tranquil place that has become part of the city’s DNA.

Almost four decades later, the question again arises as to how De Beyart should adapt spatially and functionally to face a sustainable future, recognizing the changing needs of living and care. This question will be answered thoroughly, with an emphasis on integration, continuity and high quality.


Primarily, the buildings will have a function as residential care buildings, serving the optimal execution of care, combined with a pleasant living environment. This requires a major stroke in terms of care efficiency, modernization of facilities and living comfort.

"Preserving, highlighting and revitalizing the cultural heritage of The Beyart is central to the project."

Bauke Brekelmans


While the landscape will be refreshed to upgrade the qualities of the existing green space, the additional buildings will offer future residents more opportunities to live in the middle of a beautiful park. By shedding new light on the patrimonial value of the site, the old and the new will foreground each other to continue and renew the history of the place.

De Beyart will be a new public space where architecture and nature work together to create a unique setting where Maastricht residents of different generations can walk around and meet.

Vorig project